Nov 6, 2010

Unaceptable? Who? You?

Ouch it hurts.
She is bold but kind hearted and sincere.
She might be bold and outspoken.
But why? Tell me why can't you accept a sincere loving heart?

Ouch it hurts
For you to use her name
In respect, as you say

For whom?
For you?
Is it really for her?

Don't you understand
She is someone who understands us dearly
Who loves us for who we are
We might not be Javanese like her
But she never asks us to be like here, either
Not a single bit

She never forces her will
Even the one she believes most true
Why do you?
In her name?
Why do you?

Stop this game of lipstick imaging
There are places where politics should not be played
Not here.. Especially not here you know?

Stop this silly game of yours
I am sick of it
So sick of it I feel anxious

Just stop it!
Your act is totally not acceptable
Not hers
Not them
Unaceptable it is

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