Jan 19, 2016

The Future of Education: Journal Reflection 1 (Part 2) And what ideas do you already have about the future of education?

Picture by : Dhitta Puti Sarasvati Ramli, Kandi Sekarwulan, & Arya Jodipati

Above is a drawing which I made together with my friends (Kandi and Jodi). The picture is about our vision about education.

On the bottom left of the drawing, there is picture  of a child who is climbing a tree. Some other children are standing near the tree. There also another child standing with an adult,  looking at the tree from a certain distance. That part is about learning from nature. Our hope is that education (today and in the future) gives an opportunity for people to learn from nature. Additionally, the picture of the child with an adult also reflects our hope that through education people from different generations can learn from one another.

On the bottom right, there is a picture of people who are working together to build a house with solar cell energy. This part is about our dream that education becomes a tool for people to work together and build a better world.

On the top right there is a picture of a child learning to knit. However, she finds that learning to knit is difficult. There is also another child crying because he has difficulties in learning.  However,near the two children, there are other people who keeps on giving them support so they do not give up. This reflects that sometimes learning can be difficult. However, we hope that the education can provide children with an environment that supports people to keep on learning and not give up.

The picture on the top left is three children talking with another. This reflects our hope that learning happens through interaction with one another.

At the middle is a picture of people from different backgrounds. There are people who are older and younger. There are people from different religions and belief, there people from different socio-economic backgrounds, there are people from different cultures. The picture reflects our hope that through education, people from different beliefs, cultures, and social-economic backgrounds can learn from one another to be able to learn to live together (just like  as mentioned by Dellors in the UNESCO report).