Dec 3, 2010


Learnt about history
On a trip that felt so cool
Read Rose of Versailles as it was a history book
Learnt that our brothers had the same name

First pajama's party
A bath with mickey
Baked cupcakes

Ring ring
Jin jing
Learned to be lady like
Painted our faces as we were princesses of the world
Thought we were glamorous, oh we always are
Made necklaces out of old newspapers
Painted old shoes as it was the newest trend
Pretended to be like every cool girl we read about or saw in movies

Talk talk talk
Never stop
Discussed books that made our imagination grow wild

Dreamed about going to a place where people drank tea

I grew up
So did you

Different laddies we have been
So different worlds we lived in
Are we strangers or are we not?
Would I know how we would say hello?

The tosca invitation on the table
I missed it!
My childhood friend
My best childhood friend

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