Dec 31, 2011

Thank you 2011

Best of 2011
Barito Kuala - Boyolali - Talular & Andy Byers - Teaching Student Teachers in a University - Chalenging my self - Learning things I never thought I would learn - Writting in a national (online) newspaper - Being an asistant of great educators - Writing a chapter of a book about best educational practices - Going back to mentari and teaching there (best ever!) -Intervewing an inspiring activist from India - Asia Europe Classroom & Ireland - Kail Workshops - All the ups and downs - Making a important decisions for my life - Being assessed by peer educators - all the emotions (happy, sad, excited, greatful, angry, peaceful) - Mostly everything

Next year's plan :
Starts the day earlier, getting closer to Allah All Mighty, feeling peaceful, more dicipline, productive, and develop myself both intellectually and spiritually.

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