Oct 8, 2010

the "Aha" moment

The "aha" moment
Is not just an ordinary miracle

Archimedes might yell "Eureka" in a second or two
But believe me, a second or two is not all that it takes

The "Aha" moment is not just an enlightment that falls from the sky

Your eyes need to wonder
Your ears opened wide
Your head must keep on turning
Wondering why, why, and why

Your must keep on asking
Try to seek for the truth
It might not be easy
But it does not hurt to try

Keep the wonder, the curiosity inside
The truth is out somewhere
Or it might be inside
To find it faithful is needed
Never give up

The "aha" moments needs patience
That is for sure
It might need some time

when you walk down the road,
Or almost fall a sleep through the night
You might find the moment, you've waited all you life

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