Mar 3, 2011

Joyful learning

Today I had one of the most interesting discussion in my life
I was at SSE because I planed to study there
I was doing a little research with Ibu Nina to prepare for a science workshop
We went to the library there because there was quite a lot of books on education including on science education
Well, not as many as the libraries abroad, but compared with other Indonesian libraries, it was better

When I was there, I informed Pak Iwan Syahril, a lecturer at SSE, that I was there.

I was one of his blog follower and he knew me through CFBE mailing-list although we have never met face to face.

Me, Bu Nina and Pak Syahril talked from 11.00 until 14.00 about Indonesia's education. We talked about our experiences in working with teachers, we talked about how social sciences were taught in Indonesia, we talked about RSBI, we talked about literature circles for learning language, and how to train pre-teachers, about bottom-up and top-down approaches in education, about education policy and the importance of understanding the context in which the education is held. There is no such thing as one best practice that fits all. We also talked about inequalities in education, PISA, and the assumptions about it, and much more.

Pak Iwan was very good at questioning. He asked me and Bu Nina questions that made us think about our philosophy of education, that made us reflect on our experience as learners and teachers, and reflect on our hopes and dreams. I was really amazed with Pak Iwan's skill in questioning. He made us feel comfortable to share ideas. I hope one day I could have those skills as well.

Today was one of my best learning experiences in my life. I felt so blessed Allah put me on this path. I am so so so happy. I really wish Indonesian teachers wherever they are can feel such an inspiring learning process as I had (maybe in a different way). One of my goals in life is to enable teachers to feel the joy of learning. I really wish so.

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