Sep 7, 2011

One of the best pleasure

These days was relearning about 'learning'. I read about situated cognition and all these tough journals including a bit about philosophy. I learned about discourses in learning, which I find very difficult to understand. It gave me a headache!

But thanks I've got many people I can share with. I have people to ask when I'm confused. Having someone to discuss things and share while learning (something new) is absolutely powerful. It is a blessing. It is true that learning never happens in a vacuum. Sometimes you struggle to understand things on your own. Sometimes it takes time to come up with a new idea. You absorb all these information and 'tada' you don't know what to do with it. Suddenly, you talk to people, maybe with one or two people, and then just in a moment you become more brilliant than ever.

Learning from my experience, I think one of my vision when working with teachers is to create a safe learning environment for teachers filled with people who value learning. I want teachers to be part of a learning community. I think that would be very empowering.

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