Apr 19, 2010

This site is soo cool


There was days when I would love watching the leaves fall down on Gandaria Street twice a week

Or enjoying sitting down in the waiting room while listening to the voices of piano playing in the next room

Or enjoying waiting for the bus after school because the sky is orange and sweet

Or tasting honey right from the flowers, mm.. nyummy

Or sitting in the corner every Saturday evening where watching people play sports, dance, run, sing, or play

Or staying in the corner of a bookshop reading childrens book with jazz music behind my back

Or just staying up late ate night with my friends talking non stop

Or enjoying tea with my best frend seing the hills full of houses

Or finding food early in the morning

Or seeing the market at 5 or 6 am and searching for kueh bantal

1 comment:

rime said...

wah, kueh bantal? yang gimana tuh put? mau dong :D